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What is online casino gambling? How does it work?
Online casinos have videogame-type representations of traditional casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slot machines, and even poker against other human players. You can play for real money, though all casinos let you play their games with play money, hoping you’ll decide to eventually gamble with real money.

At most casinos you can either download their special software to play the games, or play the Flash versions right in your web browser. (Bovada has a good selection of play-in-browser games, and you can play for free without risking any actual money.) To play with real money, you make a deposit with a credit card or by doing a Bitcoin transfer (which has replaced older methods like Western Union, which was fraught with high fees and shitty customer service).

Is it legal to gamble online?
Pretty much. Playing online doesn’t break any federal laws. You might run afoul of state laws, but even there prosecution is rare, and in most states simple gambling is only a misdemeanor anyway. Legality aside, online gambling is already so common that the government can’t do much to stop it. Internet casinos are doing a brisk business with U.S. customers for this reason.

Are online casinos honest?
Pretty much. Most casinos don’t cheat because if players lost their money too quickly they’d never return. Like every other operation, casinos depend on repeat business. Also, it’s pretty easy for watchdog mathematicians like the Wizard of Odds to discover cheating by analyzing the results, and casinos who get caught cheating usually go out of business. So in short, there’s more money to be made by dealing an honest game. Just like land casinos, online casinos make their money from the fact that the odds are in their favor. They don’t have to cheat, they already have an edge.

Of course there are exceptions, like Casino Bar which had a crooked blackjack game. (They were quickly outed by the Wizard, and their business soon dried up.) But cheating casinos are the exception and not the rule. In fact, the bigger problem with online casinos is that sometimes they take a long time to pay out a player’s winnings—or in the case of a big win they might try to claim some loophole to avoid paying the player altogether. And if this happens to you then you’re often out of luck, since online casinos are often unregulated or only loosely regulated.

For this reason, it’s crucial to choose a reputable casino. I like Bovada, because they’ve never failed to pay me, and payout complaints about them from my readers are exceptionally rare (and usually quickly resolved). Bovada has also promised that if anyone who clicks over to Bovada from my site has a problem they can’t resolve, Bovada will allow me to try to mediate. Believe me, I wouldn’t offer this mediation service if I were receiving a significant number of complaints. Bovada has its problems, but payout integrity isn’t one of them, and since most online casinos don’t serve U.S. players because of legal uncertainty, Bovada is as good as U.S. players are going to get.

Of course, if you play anywhere else (or if you didn’t sign up with Bovada after clicking through from my site), and you have a payout problem, then you’re on your own.

How do I get money in and how do I get paid?
You can often make a casino deposit simply by using a credit card, just by typing the number into the form on the casino site. That’s hit or miss, because U.S. banks will block the transaction if they figure out it’s for an online casino, but they often don’t know that and the transaction sails through just fine. I tested over a dozen cards and some worked and some didn’t. (Don’t ask which ones worked, because what works and what doesn’t is constantly changing, and also depends on the casino in question.)

If your credit card doesn’t work, most casinos now accept Bitcoin, using a service like Bitstamp. If you’re unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it’s basically a currency like dollars or Euros, but it exists only electronically; you don’t hold physical Bitcoins in your hand. The way it usually works is:

You open an account with a Bitcoin service like Bitstamp.
You transfer money from your bank account to Bitstamp (or competing service) to purchase Bitcoin.
You send your Bitcoin to online merchants who accept them, like online casinos.
You can also use Bitstamp or similar service to receive Bitcoin from others, such as a payout of casino winnings:

The casino sends Bitcoin to your Bitcoin account.
The service lets you sell the Bitcoin to convert it to U.S. dollars.
You transfer the U.S. dollars to your bank account.
Bitcoin accounts are sometimes a little trouble to set up, but once they’re set up, moving money in and out is very easy. Bitcoin has replaced older casino deposit/withdrawal methods like using Western Union, which has high fees and shitty customer service.

For payouts, some casinos will mail you a physical check, but they’re increasingly moving to Bitcoin payouts, because it’s easier and more reliable. They might require that you fax them a copy of your ID before your first withdrawal. Don’t freak out, that’s just standard security protocol at most online gaming sites.

Should I download the software or use the Play-In-Browser version?
Download is usually better, because there’s a larger game selection, and the games load faster. But download isn’t an option for Macs, so on a Mac you’ll be playing the browser-based games, like those at Bovada.

By the way, if you play at multiple casinos, you might notice the games look the same. That’s because there are only around a handful of software makers who provide the games to the thousands of online casinos.

Avoiding spam
Online gambling is big business, and many casinos think nothing of selling your email address to other casinos. And even if casino management doesn’t have a policy of selling customer info, rogue employees sometimes do so. So, if you play online, use a separate email account just for your online gaming. If you start getting flooded with spam, just switch to another new email address for online gaming. This way your primary email account never gets spammed.


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